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Hezekiah Goode plays three tracks from Two Billion Acres Of Salt and talks about writing songs about true stories and the happiest instrument.

Also on this episode, rock & roll from Rod Melancon, a crooner from Roy Orbison, new rock from Mary Gauthier, pub rock from the Hard Pans, a fun piano bar number from Eden Brent, country rock from Susto, beautiful country from Red Molly, and new country from Charlie Greene


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Jonny Two Bags plays tracks from Salvation Town and talks about his early days in the Los Angeles punk scene and the skateboard as metaphor.  

Also on this episode, country rock from Charlie Greene, pub rock from the Hard Pans, country from Joseph Huber, newgrass from the Howlin' Brothers, soul from Candi Staton, a love song from Ernest Troost, folk from Jonathan Byrd, and tin pan alley jazz from The Bumper Jacksons 


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Candi Staton tells the story about her early days in music, how she met Rick Hall of FAME studios and plays tracks from Life Happens.

Also on this episode, blues rock from Tommy Malone, country from Moot Davis, alt-folk from The Secret Sisters, soulful blues from Brigitte DeMeyer, honky tonk from John Howie Jr. and the Rosewood Bluff and retro soul from St. Paul & The Broken Bones. 


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A couple of weeks ago, I was invited by David and Paul to be their guest on their show, the Homegrown Sunday Ramble on Homegrown Radio NJ.  I'm never going to turn down the chance to hang out and talk about music, so of course I said yes. 

They graciously gave me permission to share this episode of Homegrown Sunday Ramble on my feed.  So enjoy! And when you're done listening, mark your calendar to listen to their show on Sunday nights, from 7-9pm Eastern. 


Play List from Homegrown Sunday Ramble #18: 

  • Shit Shots Count / Drive-By Truckers / English Oceans / 4:10
  • Shake The Chandelier / The Gourds / Heavy Ornamentals / 4:21
  • Wishin' Well / Sioux City Kid / Minutes, Miles, Troubles & Trials / 2:49
  • Close To You / Candi Staton / Life Happens / 4:35
  • Half The City / St. Paul & The Broken Bones / Half The City / 3:17
  • Rattle My Bones / The Secret Sisters / Put Your Needle Down / 3:41
  • Saving Grace / Reagan Boggs / Quicksand / 4:19
  • Honey Hush / Brigitte DeMeyer / Savannah Road / 3:06
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John Howie Jr plays three tracks from Everything Except Goodbye, tells the story behind the new band name and why Earnest Tubb deserves a tribute show.

Also on this episode, southern rock from Jimbo Mathus, west coast indie rock from Chuck Ragan, trance blues from Turchi, new soul music from Candi Staton, roots rock from Bill Kirchen, folk rock from Twin Forks, country from Rodney Crowell, and retro-soul from St. Paul & The Broken Bones.



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