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Mark Cutler talks to Rick Cornell about his musical evolution from the Raindogs, “Venus of Avenue D” and other favorite covers, and how he learned to invite the muse.


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Ronny Elliot talks about his Forrest Gump-like luck to play with his musical heroes, seeing the Beatles on Jack Parr, and his “non-fiction songs.”


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Casey Cainan talks about growing up in the circus, how he turns his personal stories into universal songs, and his favorite gigs in Paris, Texas.


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Lee Bains III talks about his early Ramones/Fugazi/punk influences, his Hi Records-style sound, and what Flannery O'Connor taught him about Alabama.

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Ben, Bo Dean, and Paul are stunned at conehead Dan Aykroyd being a UFO nut. They blast the new $50 light bulbs. And they turn the tables on a hyper-sensitive Latino activist.


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The guys jump on a 911 cop who hangs up on a caller in a medical emergency – because she swears. The men of extreme couponing. And the chemtrail conspiracy.


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Ben, Bo Dean, and Paul talk about a Tennessee law’s year in jail for sending an “offensive” image. They take revenge on MADD for texting while driving. And Steven Tyler’s emotional break down on the Oprah show.


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Ben, Bo Dean, and Paul put themselves inside the head of a grasshopper with the help of a shamanic healer. They compare today’s high-tech running shoes with the shoes they had as kids. Andthey pass judgment on Judge Judy.


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Malcolm Holcombe on “time capules on roller skates,” living your history, pulling cars out of ditches, and hoping to get out of gigs alive. 


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