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Alex Culbreth and Karen Jonas are the Parlor Soldiers and they talk about the origin of their band name, how they manage to combine folk and alt.country into something that works, how they are able to write such gritty, detailed songs, their advice for aspiring singer/songwriters, and their Johnny Cash / June Carter song.

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Joe Maynard talks about his many-faceted art career in New York City; explains the name of his first band, the Millerite Redeemers; runs through the current band line up and explains how they became The Musties; the advice he got from Ryan Adams; and explains why his band is mapped out to "the rhythm section" and "the weirdos."  

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Snatches of Pink front man Michael Rank and Marc E Smith join Calvin in the studio live to play some acoustic versions of songs from Kin, the debut release from Michael Rank and Stag. Michael talks about the amazing line up of area musicians he's got on the new CD, why he decided not to do this as a CD as a Snatches of Pink CD, the challenges of coordinating so many band mates when recording the tracks, writing songs for both acoustic and full band performances, and how he finally caught up with Taylor Swift in the break up CD department.

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Tommy Womack talks about he was motivated to start writing songs about himself and "from the gut" on There I Said It and how he continues to write peronal songs on Now What because he could never go back to writing third person songs; his role of patron saint of 50 year olds with kids who don't make it to as many shows as they used to; the structure of the CD Now What in terms of song arrangements and sequence; Tomy's habit of reference to other musicians in his song names and lyrics; and his favorite covers of his songs.

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Becky Warren of The Great Unknowns talks about why there's almost always a geographic reference in all of her songs; her experience driving the Lewis and Clark Trail and what it mean to her; the long wait between their first and second CD; writing a song about a band that doesn't become that famous; the new line up; and plays three tracks from their new release, Homefront.

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