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On episode 73 of the Taproot Podcast, Lincoln Durham talks about his residency at Gruene Hall, why he can't write love songs, his long path from playing fiddle to Son House and Fred McDowell, and why he wrote a creepy songs about ne'er-do-well characters playing forty two.

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Lee Briante of The Far West talks about the importance of having video and internet media available for today's audience; how it made him feel to move to Los Angeles; and how recording in an American Legion hall brought their debut self-titled CD to life,

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John Lilly talks about meeting Bill Kirchen and Bill's help on his most recent CD, Cold Comfort; how he funded the CD by winning a songwriting contest; working at the Country Music Hall of Fame and getting to visit "the cathedral of Country Music"; his yearly Hank Williams Tribute show; and introduces us to three songs on his Cold Comfort CD.

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Lydia Loveless talks about how much she enjoyed going into the sound booth to “scream until I almost passed out” when recording her CD, Indestructible Machine; her admiration for the songwriting of Sunny Sweeney and the guitar work of James Wilsey; her advice to aspiring artists; and why punk rock wasn't a rebellion for her.

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Cam Penner talks about his motivation for writing songs when he was younger, his roadtrip across North America, getting stopped by the police, his time with Jesus People USA, and how he set up the recording of his latest CD, Gypsy Summer.

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