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Best of 2012 Americana Part 2, featuring music from Malcolm Holcombe, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Beth McKee, Bonnie Bishop, Junior Browm and more.


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#28-#14 in the Americana Music Show's Best of 2012


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Holly Golightly on her travels from punk to blues,singing songs into her hairbrush for 20 years, and the downside of milion dollar checks.


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Rod Picott plays a house concert in Durham, telling stories about meeting Slaid Cleaves, his father, and the pitfalls of writing songs for girlfriends.


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James Hand talks about writing songs before he could write, how his songs help people dance, and playing for $15 a night and a free beer.


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Junior Brown talks about the triple meaning behind the name of Volume Ten, the his new "pedal guit-steel", and his tribute to Buddy Charleton.


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Pete Pawsey from Radar's Clowns of Sedation on knowing "different hymns from y'all," his Stones/Muscle Shoals moment, and the importance of Sippie Wallace.


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Bonnie Bishop on learning to sing soul music in Mississippi, Bonnie Raitt covering her song, the joy of cooking, and her “voice made for vinyl.”


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AJ Downing talks about his vocal style, being frustrated with today's politics, his move to Austin, and “having a good day come hell or high water.”  


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Mark Cutler talks to Rick Cornell about his musical evolution from the Raindogs, “Venus of Avenue D” and other favorite covers, and how he learned to invite the muse.


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Ronny Elliot talks about his Forrest Gump-like luck to play with his musical heroes, seeing the Beatles on Jack Parr, and his “non-fiction songs.”


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Casey Cainan talks about growing up in the circus, how he turns his personal stories into universal songs, and his favorite gigs in Paris, Texas.


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Lee Bains III talks about his early Ramones/Fugazi/punk influences, his Hi Records-style sound, and what Flannery O'Connor taught him about Alabama.

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Ben, Bo Dean, and Paul are stunned at conehead Dan Aykroyd being a UFO nut. They blast the new $50 light bulbs. And they turn the tables on a hyper-sensitive Latino activist.


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The guys jump on a 911 cop who hangs up on a caller in a medical emergency – because she swears. The men of extreme couponing. And the chemtrail conspiracy.


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Ben, Bo Dean, and Paul talk about a Tennessee law’s year in jail for sending an “offensive” image. They take revenge on MADD for texting while driving. And Steven Tyler’s emotional break down on the Oprah show.


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Ben, Bo Dean, and Paul put themselves inside the head of a grasshopper with the help of a shamanic healer. They compare today’s high-tech running shoes with the shoes they had as kids. Andthey pass judgment on Judge Judy.


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Malcolm Holcombe on “time capules on roller skates,” living your history, pulling cars out of ditches, and hoping to get out of gigs alive. 


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Andy Bean of the Two Man Gentleman Band talks about sounding like Slim and Slam, de jacketing at shows, and how his Tin Pan Alley show is like an AC/DC show. 


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Lisa Biales plays 3 tracks from Just Like Honey and talks about her first gig, how she learned to project her voice in noisy crowds, and how she met her “blues sister.”


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DL Marble on his knowledge of snappy debauchery, getting followed by his musical heroes, supporting vets, and playing with “amazing hippies.”


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Ed Romanoff talks about an orphanage song that changed is life, breaking up on holidays, and the advantages of having a mom from Pascagoula.



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The Kernal plays tracks from farewellhello, and talks about “hasta la vista” flowers and playing in his father’s blazing red polyester suit.


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Jason Heath talks about the Greedy Souls’ Guthrie-esque themes, the currency of dreams and illusions, and plays three tracks from Packed For Exile.


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Rachel Harrington talks about growing up with Otis Redding, shocking her fans with a true country album, and plays three tracks from Making Our House A Honkytonk. http://americanamusicshow.com/episode99


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The first North Carolina La La featuring Beth McKee, Tim and Susan Lee, Lynn Blakey, Little Queenie, and Elizabeth King 


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Mic Harrison talks to Rick Cornell about who he still wants to fight, his truck stop souvenirs, living in Knoxville, and the band member who’s most like Waylon Jennings.


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This is the video I cannot import into PiTiVi

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Juliet Dinallo talks to Rick Cornell about the Lonesome Romeos, her favorite Charlie Rich song, her under-the-radar picks from Boston, and plays 3 tracks from No Regrets.


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The Magnolia Collective joins Calvin at the WCOM studio for live acoustic performances of songs from their Ghost Stories EP. They tell the story about how they came together to lead an Americana night at The Station at Southern Rail and their experiences writing songs and playing music as a group. They also talk about their contribution to the “Couch by Couchwest” music festival


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The Taproot Radio podcast is being shut down and reopened under the name Americana Music Show. Please visit www.americanamusicshow.com/subscribe for instructions on how to get episodes of the new show. 

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Otis Gibbs talks to Rick Cornell about his CD, Harder Than Hammered Hell; how many trees he’s planted in his life time; his early record collection; his favorite car; life in East Nashville; and living in the age of YouTube.


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Cornell Hurd talks about the elements of western swing and being inducted into the Cow Town Society of Western Music’s Hall of Fame. He tells the story of his first bands in high school, how Leroy Van Dyke’s “Walk On By” got him interested in country music and how we considers himself to be a “direct linear descendent of Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen.” He also says “I saw Dan Hicks in a white sport coat with two girls singing ‘How Can I Miss You When You Won’t Go Away’ and I knew that’s what I wanted to do.” Cornell gives us a peek at what it was like trying to promote your music in the pre-internet era of 1977. And he wraps up singing the praises of the Broken Spoke, “the last of the great Texas Dance Halls.” 

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Chelle Rose talks about growing up in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina, writing a song to pacify the ghost of her boyfriend, hearing Malcolm Holcombe play live, why she’s drawn to minor chords, how she learned to depend on herself in her musical career, the thrill she got working with the McCrary sisters, and the preacher that inspired her song, “Rufus Morgan.” 

Rotation #313 

Set 1:

Coricidin Bottle / Ray Wylie Hubbard / The Grifter's Hymnal / 2:00

Runnin' Like A River / Jason Heath & The Greedy Souls / Packed For Exile / 3:23

Walk Away From The Wine / The Cornell Hurd Band / Drop In On My Dream / 2:52

   *** Cornell Hurd to be my interview guest on the next episode of the show. 

Cheese & Crackers / The Two Man Gentlemen Band / Two At A Time / 2:48

Set 2: 

Sugar / Lisa Biales / Just Like Honey / 3:09

Long Gone Long John / Woody Pines / You Gotta Roll EP / 2:46

She's Got A Crush On Me / Paul Thorn / What The Hell Is Goin' On? / 3:00

Queensbury Rules / Moot Davis / Man About Town / 2:50

   *** Moot Davis was my guest on episode 90 http://americanamusicshow.com/episode90

Set 3: 

Locked Down / Dr. John / Locked Down / 4:59

This CD was produced by Black Keys guitarist and uber-fan Dan Auerbach.   As I understand Dan Auerbach had been after him for years trying to get the chance to work with him. They performed together at Bonaroo in 2011 and ater that started laying down the instrumental tracks. It turned out just like you’d expect from such a collaboration: trippy, atmospheric, jazzy, urban, funky, garage, 70's soundtrack kinda music. This CD could make anyone want to live on the streets of New Orleans.

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Joel DaSilva talks the tracks on the Joel DaSilva and the Midnight Howl CD,  about how he snuck into bars as a kid to see blues legends like Buddy Guy,  his transition from rockabilly to blues, and how he managed to include his father on the CD.


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Rick Cornell interviews Bob Woodruff. They talk about how Bob Woodruff’s Lost Kerosene Tapes came to be published by Sound Asleep Records and why these songs were never released by album's previous label. Bob and Rick discuss the Byrds influence running through all three of Woodruff's albums. And Bob Woodruff gives a special shout out to a singer he's worked with in Los Angeles who's now in Raleigh.

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On episode 90 of the Taproot Music Show, Moot Davis talks about why he had to go to New Zealand to start work on his new album, Man About Town; why he's a suit and tie kind of country singer; and the importance of being in control of your own destiny.

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Allison Russell and Dom Flemons from the jug band called Sankofa talk about how they and their band mates Sule Greg Wilson and Ndidi Onukwulu put together this unique collection music. They talk about the history of jug band music, the instruments and culture it was built on in the early 20th century.

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Addam Scott, the musician, not the actor, talks to Calvin about his latest CD, San Diablo. He discusses the concept of conflict that runs through the CD and how he likes ““I like to move forward that contradiction and show the best of who we are as people and the worst of who we are as people.” He discusses his musically formative years in Wyoming where he learned equally from the hippie Rainbow Family and the cowboys on the ranches. He says, “there's such a zest for life on one side and a subdued dignity on the other.” Scott also talks about the yearly charity event he helps put on for the Boys and Girls Club of Long Beach which features music, raffles, and an “80 proof Santa.”

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MC Taylor visits the studio to play acoustic versions of songs from Hiss Golden Messenger's latest release, Poor Moon. He talks to Calvin about how he and Scott Hirsch got started writing music together back in their college days at University of California at Santa Barbara; describes this CD as a sort of gospel CD but that Jesus only has "a cameo or two"; talks about his roots in the Durham/Chapel Hill area; and talks about his most "William Blake-ian" song.

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Steve Ineson, Berto Morales, and Lee Kirby join Calvin in the studio to perform acoustic versions of three tracks from their latest release, Chance and Circumstance. Steve tells the story of his Pennsylvania Rose, Berto Morales talks about how he came to be the mandolin player for the band. Lee Kirby impresses everyone with his ability to switch instruments in the middle of a song.

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Dave Willis from the Possum Jenkins band talks about how humbling it was to have their latest album Carolinacana fan-funded through a Kickstarter campaign, how they were able to keep the band together for 8 years even while everyone in the band was having lives outside of the band, and playing bards where they have to “keep throwing music at them "til they give up and start dancing."

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Mike June talks about his new band, The Wilson Street Refugees got its name; how the Grateful Dead became a bonding point for him and his Dad; how his album Exile on Wilson Street was made even though he was broke; the surreal moment he had during SXSW; and how many of his songs are “usually finishing conversations that weren’t finished in person.’

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Chris Castle talks about how he lined up the stellar group of musicians for his latest project Last Bird Home and managed to get it recorded in Levon Helms studio; how he got started in song writing and landed his first job working for music publishers on Music Row, and how he connects the dots from Sublime to Lefty Frizzell.

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Beth McKee tells us and talks about the different styles of southern music on her latest CD, Next To Nowhere; tells us about fishing or redfish near Port Sulfer, Louisiana and its metaphorical implications; and tells us how her "Swamp Sistas" movement got started.

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Alex Culbreth and Karen Jonas are the Parlor Soldiers and they talk about the origin of their band name, how they manage to combine folk and alt.country into something that works, how they are able to write such gritty, detailed songs, their advice for aspiring singer/songwriters, and their Johnny Cash / June Carter song.

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Joe Maynard talks about his many-faceted art career in New York City; explains the name of his first band, the Millerite Redeemers; runs through the current band line up and explains how they became The Musties; the advice he got from Ryan Adams; and explains why his band is mapped out to "the rhythm section" and "the weirdos."  

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Snatches of Pink front man Michael Rank and Marc E Smith join Calvin in the studio live to play some acoustic versions of songs from Kin, the debut release from Michael Rank and Stag. Michael talks about the amazing line up of area musicians he's got on the new CD, why he decided not to do this as a CD as a Snatches of Pink CD, the challenges of coordinating so many band mates when recording the tracks, writing songs for both acoustic and full band performances, and how he finally caught up with Taylor Swift in the break up CD department.

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Tommy Womack talks about he was motivated to start writing songs about himself and "from the gut" on There I Said It and how he continues to write peronal songs on Now What because he could never go back to writing third person songs; his role of patron saint of 50 year olds with kids who don't make it to as many shows as they used to; the structure of the CD Now What in terms of song arrangements and sequence; Tomy's habit of reference to other musicians in his song names and lyrics; and his favorite covers of his songs.

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Becky Warren of The Great Unknowns talks about why there's almost always a geographic reference in all of her songs; her experience driving the Lewis and Clark Trail and what it mean to her; the long wait between their first and second CD; writing a song about a band that doesn't become that famous; the new line up; and plays three tracks from their new release, Homefront.

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Brandon Sampson from Six Mile Grove and Bob Wootton tell the story of how they met and began their long time musical collaboration, talk about their mission to keep the Johnny Cash sound alive, give us a preview of Six Mile Grove's upcoming CD Secret Life In A Quiet Town, and explore the existential question of free will and predestination.

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Laurie MacAllister, Abbie Gardner, and Molly Venter of Red Molly talk about their music backgrounds, the appeal of female trios, the excitement of playing Merlefest, the appeal their music has for the NYC coffeehouse crowd, and the stories behind three of their songs on the CD Light In The Sky.

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Lucy Tight and Wayne Waxing from Hymn For Her, how they met and started making music together; their evolution from folk duo to lo-fi rock band; and recording in their airstream trailer.

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On episode 73 of the Taproot Podcast, Lincoln Durham talks about his residency at Gruene Hall, why he can't write love songs, his long path from playing fiddle to Son House and Fred McDowell, and why he wrote a creepy songs about ne'er-do-well characters playing forty two.

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Lee Briante of The Far West talks about the importance of having video and internet media available for today's audience; how it made him feel to move to Los Angeles; and how recording in an American Legion hall brought their debut self-titled CD to life,

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John Lilly talks about meeting Bill Kirchen and Bill's help on his most recent CD, Cold Comfort; how he funded the CD by winning a songwriting contest; working at the Country Music Hall of Fame and getting to visit "the cathedral of Country Music"; his yearly Hank Williams Tribute show; and introduces us to three songs on his Cold Comfort CD.

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Lydia Loveless talks about how much she enjoyed going into the sound booth to “scream until I almost passed out” when recording her CD, Indestructible Machine; her admiration for the songwriting of Sunny Sweeney and the guitar work of James Wilsey; her advice to aspiring artists; and why punk rock wasn't a rebellion for her.

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Cam Penner talks about his motivation for writing songs when he was younger, his roadtrip across North America, getting stopped by the police, his time with Jesus People USA, and how he set up the recording of his latest CD, Gypsy Summer.

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