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Todd Jagger and JR Harrell talk about listening to border radio stations when they were kids, their own radio show, the joys of Texas swing, and their experience recording in Sun Studios with ghosts looking over their shoulder.

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Scotty Alan talks about living in the wilds of Michigan, his punk rock days, making music at home, how he found himself in Los Angeles to record his CD, Wreck and the Mess, and his "Irish roots."

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Ernie Hawkins talks about the influence The Rev Gary Davis's early days in Durham, the influence Davis has had on his own music, the technique of playing guitar riffs as if they are piano or horm lines, and his upcoming show at the University of North Carolina's Southern Folklife Center.

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Tilford Sellers talks about his roots music inspirations on his most recent release, What You're Doing To Me, how he writes smooth sounding lyrics, and shares a cut from his most recent recording session.

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Chris Larsen, head of malware research for Blue Coat systems talks about some of the trends in end-user malware that his group has been seeing recently. We talk about search engine poisoning, malvertising, the dangers of abandoned web properties, and why image searches are currently one of the most dangerous things end users can do on the net.

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