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Arty Hill talks about changing the name of his most recent CD, his theory of what makes a song great, getting preloaded on a Ford, and why he had to write a song about drinking charcoal. 

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Parker Roads talks about getting back to his roots after his indie rock days, his latest CD, Youngblood, and how his missionary father taught him to appreciate life on the road.

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Rick Miller from Southern Culture On The Skids talks about their new CD, Zombiefied, his foray into horror movie video making, his 5 year old son's band, like at Kudzu Ranch, and the band's plans for Halloween.

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Dale Watson talks about the CB craze in the 70's, his debut on the theatrical stage, how to write songs while driving a bus, videos from his upcoming CD, and the inspiration he got from recording in Sun Studios. 

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Andrew Adkins talks about life after his previous band, Mellow Down Easy, his trippy influences, and how he locked himself in his studio for 9 months to make Troublesome, My Love.

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