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Tara Nevins from Donna The Buffalo discusses her new solo CD, Wood and Stone, her reunion with her previous band mates, and announces the location of the new Grass Roots Festival.


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Bow Thayer and Perfect Trainwreck perform live at WCOM studios, featuring the debut of a track from their upcoming CD.


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Adam Remnant from Southeast Engine talks to Rick Cornell about their concept album, Canary.


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Tim Lee talks about his veteran musician status, "the BBQ circuit," and his North Carolina connections.

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Freddie Joe Evans talks about heavy metal blues, touring with Scott H. Biram, and falling in love at Denny’s.


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To help us through these hard economic times, The Great Recession Orchestra revives Texas Swing!


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Three songs from the The Cajun Country Revival featuring Jesse Lege, Joel Savoy, and the Caleb Klauder Country Band.


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Rick Cornell interviews Lynn Blakey and Ecki Heins about their new CD, Meadowview. Also listen for the impromptu Dolly Parton/Porter Wagoner cover.


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Bow Thayer talks about how he built his own recording studio and how it helped him write songs along the way, plus some good advice for the independent artist.


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Grant Peeples talks about selling music on the honor system, his North Carolina connection, and how he nearly set his dog on fire.


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