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The Taproot Radio podcast is being shut down and reopened under the name Americana Music Show. Please visit www.americanamusicshow.com/subscribe for instructions on how to get episodes of the new show. 

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Rick Cornell interviews Bob Woodruff. They talk about how Bob Woodruff’s Lost Kerosene Tapes came to be published by Sound Asleep Records and why these songs were never released by album's previous label. Bob and Rick discuss the Byrds influence running through all three of Woodruff's albums. And Bob Woodruff gives a special shout out to a singer he's worked with in Los Angeles who's now in Raleigh.

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On episode 90 of the Taproot Music Show, Moot Davis talks about why he had to go to New Zealand to start work on his new album, Man About Town; why he's a suit and tie kind of country singer; and the importance of being in control of your own destiny.

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Allison Russell and Dom Flemons from the jug band called Sankofa talk about how they and their band mates Sule Greg Wilson and Ndidi Onukwulu put together this unique collection music. They talk about the history of jug band music, the instruments and culture it was built on in the early 20th century.

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Addam Scott, the musician, not the actor, talks to Calvin about his latest CD, San Diablo. He discusses the concept of conflict that runs through the CD and how he likes ““I like to move forward that contradiction and show the best of who we are as people and the worst of who we are as people.” He discusses his musically formative years in Wyoming where he learned equally from the hippie Rainbow Family and the cowboys on the ranches. He says, “there's such a zest for life on one side and a subdued dignity on the other.” Scott also talks about the yearly charity event he helps put on for the Boys and Girls Club of Long Beach which features music, raffles, and an “80 proof Santa.”

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MC Taylor visits the studio to play acoustic versions of songs from Hiss Golden Messenger's latest release, Poor Moon. He talks to Calvin about how he and Scott Hirsch got started writing music together back in their college days at University of California at Santa Barbara; describes this CD as a sort of gospel CD but that Jesus only has "a cameo or two"; talks about his roots in the Durham/Chapel Hill area; and talks about his most "William Blake-ian" song.

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Steve Ineson, Berto Morales, and Lee Kirby join Calvin in the studio to perform acoustic versions of three tracks from their latest release, Chance and Circumstance. Steve tells the story of his Pennsylvania Rose, Berto Morales talks about how he came to be the mandolin player for the band. Lee Kirby impresses everyone with his ability to switch instruments in the middle of a song.

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Dave Willis from the Possum Jenkins band talks about how humbling it was to have their latest album Carolinacana fan-funded through a Kickstarter campaign, how they were able to keep the band together for 8 years even while everyone in the band was having lives outside of the band, and playing bards where they have to “keep throwing music at them "til they give up and start dancing."

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Mike June talks about his new band, The Wilson Street Refugees got its name; how the Grateful Dead became a bonding point for him and his Dad; how his album Exile on Wilson Street was made even though he was broke; the surreal moment he had during SXSW; and how many of his songs are “usually finishing conversations that weren’t finished in person.’

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Chris Castle talks about how he lined up the stellar group of musicians for his latest project Last Bird Home and managed to get it recorded in Levon Helms studio; how he got started in song writing and landed his first job working for music publishers on Music Row, and how he connects the dots from Sublime to Lefty Frizzell.

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