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Amanda Cevallos talks to Rick Cornell about singing Tejano music, her Doug Sahm show, playing the Broken Spoke and why she wears a cowboy hat.

Plus blues rock from The Delta Saints, alt.folk from Stella, a dark ballad from Mark Lucas, country rock from Alex Culbreth & The Dead Country Stars, rockabilly from Mark Robinson, string band music from the Woody Pines, and New Orleans style R&B from Fats Domino.


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Mary Gauthier talks about the joy of house concerts, the sugar cane industry, hobo kings, and her song about the wheel of eternity.

Plus evangelical rock from Crankshaft and the Gear Grinders, blues rock from the Delta Saints, lo-fi blues from the Reverend Freakchild, a tragic ballad from Alex Culbreth, rock from local legend Michael Rank, classic R&B from Aaron Neville, new twang from Dale Watson, and string band music from The Locust Honey String Band.


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Ben Ringel of The Delta Saints talks about his homage to Robert Johnson, his bucket list gig, and playing a gig in a bull fighting stadium.


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Bettye LaVette talks about adlibbing Dylan lyrics; seeing Motown stars broke drunk and naked; and interpreting songs vs and covering them.

Plus music from The Delta Saints, Rachel Brooke, Jarrod Dickenson, Rachel Harrington and the Knock Outs, Cabinet, Rod Picott, and James Hand.  


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Caleb Caudle talks about writing solo, his "wordiest and most unnecessary song title," and why he called his latest album Tobacco Town.


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Tokyo Rosenthall talks about writing songs jet lag, getting laid off, and his Irish connections. 


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Rich Mahan talks about why he name checked Bobby Bare on his album, his song to help guys get laid, and getting in trouble in lower Alabama.


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Best of 2012 Americana Part 2, featuring music from Malcolm Holcombe, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Beth McKee, Bonnie Bishop, Junior Browm and more.


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#28-#14 in the Americana Music Show's Best of 2012


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Holly Golightly on her travels from punk to blues,singing songs into her hairbrush for 20 years, and the downside of milion dollar checks.


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